Who We Are?

Our Mission

Travel to Nirvana, as the name suggests is a tourism company with a motive providing peaceful holidays to our customers. We are a part of Uttarakhand Tourism Industry- Uttarakhand is well known as The Land of Gods.

Being a Tourism company, we take care of all the travelling essentials of our customers and all our services are cost-effective yet capable of giving you a wonderful travel experience.


And that is what our tagline says-’Smiling miles build trust’. Also, being part of Srisanchay Corporation- Our Parent Company, Our Primary Principle is to obtain guest’s trust and serve them with value for money, safety, health, work efficiency, and transparency.

Customized packages

Out of the tour packages we offer-Pilgrim, Adventurous, Love Nature, Romantic and Yoga, We are capable of customizing the packages as per your convenience.

Trusted Services

We are a member of Uttarakhand Tourism Industry, and with our excellent customer servicing team, we bring a fresh essence of Travel experience.

Wide range of services

Our services include hotels, resorts, and tour packages. With our travel consultants working day and night, we ensure you a peaceful vacation.

All About Travel

Find your Nirvana!!!

 Peace is all we seek when we need a break from our busy lives. It’s time to break the monotonous routine and explore the traveller within you. Look through the window and you will find ‘Moksha’ out of your daily life.

India is a place of diverse culture- you get to explore the history of the Indian culture at different places. The calmness of valleys, the soothing voice of a river, birds chirping around, and you enjoying the essence of nature without a pinch of stress.

A small break from work helps you to energize and get back to normal life with more spirit.”

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